Dale North

Composer / Arranger / Performer
Dale North is a composer, arranger, and orchestrator for videogames, based in San Diego. As a multi-instrumentalist (piano, vocal, brass), performer, and singer-songwriter with an international training, he brings a unique voice to videogame music. Dale's music mixes traditional instrumentation with vintage colors, blending live pianos and orchestral tones with the synthesizers and sound sets that shaped the sounds of games from the Super Nintendo and PlayStation eras. His upbringing in Tokyo, Japan helped shape his melodic sense (and his love of synthesizers), and he continues to hold the traditions of game music in the highest regard. He's best known for his work his soundtrack for DREAMSCAPER, WIZARD OF LEGEND, and SPARKLITE and his branding with with Nintendo (Nintendo Minute, Nintendo Power Podcast, Nintendo eShop "The Download"), Tokyo Game Show, Endgaget, and What's Good Games.

Dale looks forward to working on projects that favor creativity and seek to honor game music's rich heritage.

He also really, really likes Welsh Corgis.

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Selected Videogame Credits
Helvetii (TBA) Composer (with Emi Evans)
Alchemic Cutie (TBA) Composer
Action Bots (2021) Composer
Ray’s the Dead (2020) Composer
Marble Knights (2020) Composer
Clea (2020) Composer
Dreamscaper (2020) Composer
Nintendo Minute (2020) Composer
Sparklite (2019) Composer
Puzzle & Dragons x Power Rangers (2019) Composer
The Long Return (2019) Composer
River City Girls (2019) Additional Music
Medusa and her Lover (2019) Composer
Majula Frontier (2018) Composer
Wizard of Legend (2018) Composer
Rakuen (2017) Composer, Performer
PAC-MAN POP! (2017) Composer
SumiKen: Ink Blade Samurai (2017) Composer
TORICKY (2017) Composer (with Hiroki Kikuta)
Fantasy Farming: Orange Season (2017) Composer
Adventure POP! (2017) Composer
Wheel of Fortune PUZZLE POP! (2016) Composer
RECORE (2015) Scoring Assistant
Dragon Fantasy Book II (2014) Composer

Animation/Film Credits
Action Bots (2021) Composer
Sinmara Saga (2016) Composer (with Norihiko Hibino)
Resident Horror (2009) Composer
Silent Horror (2005) Composer

Nintendo Minute (2020) Composer
Tokyo Game Show 2020 (2020) Composer
Engadget Podcast (2020) Composer
Humble Bundle Jingle (2018) Composer
Nintendo eShop “The Download” (2017) Composer
Nintendo Power Podcast (2017) Composer
What’s Good Games Podcast (2017) Composer