Goomin Nam

Composer / Arranger / Performer (Piano) / Sound Designer
Goomin “Nauts” Nam is a composer, arranger, lyricist, sound designer, and pianist based in Seoul, South Korea. He began private piano lessons at the age of six and continued through most of his childhood and young adult years. After an excursion into studying and obtaining a degree in engineering, he continued to refine his piano performance skills and taught himself how to compose music in his early 20s. His first job out of college would end up being in the videogame industry as a game designer, and in 2001, he joined developer SOFTMAX as a composer where he worked on his first titles, 4LEAF and TALESWEAVER.

The years that followed saw Goomin work alongside the legendary South Korean sound team, soundTemP, on SEAL ONLINE and RAGNAROK ONLINE. In 2006, Goomin founded his own sound studio, CORNERS GROOVE, which includes other musicians and sound designers overseen by Goomin, who have worked on major franchises including SD GUNDAM CAPSULE FIGHTER, DJMAX, BLADE AND SOUL MOBILE, LEGO QUEST & COLLECT, RAGNAROK ONLINE M: ETERNAL LOVE, KING’S RAID: PANDEMONIUM, and LANGRISSER MOBILE. As a part of the Scarlet Moon, Goomin has worked on indie titles AEON’S DAWN and CAN’T DRIVE THIS and has contributed to their annual Christmas album series. Goomin has additionally written music for film, television, animation, and for commercials for clients such as Samsung, LG, UNICEF, and Nike. He also performs piano and synthesizers for bands Tellement and Storytelling project.

CORNERS GROOVE currently features the talents of Goomin “Nauts” Nam along with SungKyu “DoubleTO” Hang and Juseong “E.Q.P” Sun.

DoubleTO (SungKyu Hang) E.Q.P (Juseong Sun)
(SungKyu Hang)
(Juseong Sun)

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Selected Videogame Credits
Can’t Drive This (TBA) Composer
TRICKSTER M (2020) Composer
Langrisser Mobile (2019) Composer
Exos Heroes (2019) Composer
King’s Raid: Pandemonium (2019) Composer, Producer
Ragnarok M: Eternal Love (2018) Composer
DJMAX (2006-2017) Composer
LEGO Quest & Collect (2017) Composer, Producer
Aeon’s Dawn (2017)
MXM (2017) Composer
Kingsman: The Golden Circle Game (2017) Composer, Producer
Bar Oasis 2 Aftertaste 1 (2016) Composer, Producer
Blade and Soul Mobile (2016) Composer
HIGH5 (2017) Composer
Professional Baseball H2 (2015) Composer
Fish Island 2 (2015) Composer, Producer
Train Crasher (2015) Composer, Producer
QURARE: MAGIC LIBRARY (2014) Composer, Producer
BEATCRAFT CYCLON (2014) Composer
Granatha Eternal (2014) Composer
Monarch : Heroes of New Age (2013) Composer, Producer
Bar Oasis (2012) Composer, Producer
Lost SAGA (2009) Composer, Producer
SD Gundam Capsule Fighter (2007) Composer, Producer
Kingdom under Fire : HEROES (2005) Composer
Yogurting (2005) Composer
Ragnarok Online (2004) Composer
SEAL Online (2004) Composer
Talesweaver (2003) Composer, Producer
4LEAF (2002) Composer

Animation and Movie Credits
Papepopo Memories: TV Animation (2014) Composer, Producer
Welcome to Convenience Store: TV Series (2010) Composer
Welcome to Convenience Store: Web Animation (2009) Composer, Producer
Rough Cut (2008) Composer

Commercial Credits
Samsung Infinite Line (2018) - Composer, Producer
Samsung Family Hub (2017, 2018) Composer, Producer
LG GRAM, Tab BOOK (2014) Composer, Producer
Samsung Innovation Museum (2014) Composer, Producer
UNICEF 100 Campaign (2014) Composer, Producer
NIKE WOMAN (2008) Composer, Producer
NIKE+ (2009)

Group Project Credits
Tellement: Jan. Winter’s Hedgehog (2014) Composer, Producer
Storytelling project: The Wishes (2012) Composer, Producer