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Composer / Sound Designer / Implementation
Justin Lassen is an Arizona-based musician, producer, sound designer, and audio visionary whose work has reached millions around the globe. Getting his start during his teenage years in the electronic act OMNICRON and DIGITAL DIRT HEADS, Lassen quickly established his signature sound combining dark orchestral and synthesized elements. His works have been performed by international symphony orchestras, he's provided official remixes for the likes of LINKIN PARK, NINE INCH NAILS, LADY GAGA, MADONNA, LENNY KRAVITZ, ROBERT MILES and many others. As a producer, he worked on the smash success MY LITTLE PONY REMIXED album with Hasbro. He also recently ventured into spatial audio, composing for commercials, and consultative services for clients including DISNEY, LUCASFILMS, and DOLBY. Over the course of his career, he's received numerous industry accolades including two Grammy nominations, an Emmy nomination, and was part of a team that won a 2021 Oscar. He's served as product ambassador for over 90 major technology and audio companies ranging from INTEL, ROLAND, and SAMSUNG to SONY, MICROSOFT, and YAMAHA. His contributions to the frequently-used sound libraries, plugins, and hardware around the industry have ensured his fingerprint is on the music throughout media around the world and even crafted sound effects for various versions of the Microsoft Windows operating system.

His solo works include the award-winning SYNAESTHESIA and WHITE RABBIT ASYLUM albums, the latter which serves as a music library for horror films and games. His dark symphonic suite, AND NOW WE SEE BUT THROUGH A GLASS DARKLY, enjoyed hundreds of millions of downloads. In 2019, he completed his landmark project, BLACK FOX SOCIETY, a cinematic construction kit and prolific sequel to WHITE RABBIT ASYLUM, for which he traveled the world to collect samples of all kinds to craft into a massive library of complex ambient loops and unique beats. He's also released several albums in his LORD RETRO series of game- and anime-inspired symphonic suites and collaborated with a classical violinist on SOMNIFERIOUS.

A fan of the horror genre, Lassen was tapped to produce albums inspired by Clive Barker's MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAIN and I, FRANKENSTEIN. He was also brought on to remix music from the UNDERWORLD film series and contributed a remix of the iconic JAWS theme to the SHARKNADO 3 soundtrack . Lassen's work in videogames began with the horror game OUT OF HELL and the indie title HERBERT THE MISANTHROPIC FLY. Further in the videogame space, he's contributed to Konami's OTOMEDIUS EXCELLENT alongside top industry talent from Japan and around the globe and contributed to the Korean real-time strategy game MINIMAX TINYVERSE. He served as audio director for the Emmy-nominated SPIDERMAN: HOMECOMING VR experience and has provided sound design to numerous projects ranging from MONSTER JAM to Qualcomm's SPACEDOCK SHOOTING GALLERY. Lassen's career has taken him to other interesting avenues for his music, including providing music for X-FILES pachinko machines in Japan and writing demo tracks included in musical software suites across the music industry. An avid participant in the fan community, Lassen also contributed regularly to remix projects on OVERCLOCKED REMIX and to Scarlet Moon's Christmas album series.

Justin Lassen has attended over 300 videogame and music industry trade shows as a speaker, performer, moderator, and attendee. His love and passion for all things audio is apparent to any who are fortunate enough to come across his path. His kind and outgoing personality have earned him friends across the industry who know him for his obsession with bunny rabbits and the beanie that never seems to leave his head.

In memoriam, Justin Lassen, August 27, 1981 - February 22, 2021.

We love you and we will remember you always.

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Justin Lassen · And Now We See But Through A Glass Darkly

Monster Jam: Steel Titans (2019) Composer, Sound Designer
MINImax Tinyverse (2019) Composer
Majula Frontier (2018) Sound Designer
Space Dock: An Untethered VR Experience (2018) Composer, Sound Designer
Otomedius Excellent (2012) Arranger
Treasure of Bell Island (2012) Composer
Herbert the Misanthropical Fly (2011) Composer
Out of Hell (2009) Composer

Selected Original Album Credits
The Attack of Lord Retro (2011)
White Rabbit Asylum (2010)
The Rise of Lord Retro (2007)
Synaesthesia (2006)
And Now We See But Through a Glass Darkly (2003)

Selected Remix Album Credits
Friendship is Magic Remixed (2015)
I, Frankenstein (2013)
Underworld: Awakening (2011)
Midnight Meat Train (2008)