Peter Jones

Composer / Arranger / Performer
Peter Jones is a composer, arranger, and talkboxer based in Kansas City, Missouri. He was raised in a musical family which honed his skills as a vocalist and multi-instrumentalist (trumpet, piano, talkbox). Peter obtained a degree in Arts Administration and Music from Drury University while studying composition with Dr. Carlyle Sharpe and eventually combined his love for videogames with audio production. His signature sound combines his classical training with a range of genres and styles including R&B, rock, cool and acid jazz, epic orchestral, meditation, chiptune, P-funk and future funk, disco/house, Bulgarian choral, and more.

Peter got started in the videogame industry by contributing to and producing fan tribute projects under the Materia Collective label dedicated to classic games such as Xenogears, and The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. An avid talkboxer, Peter also releases funky synth-infused vocal covers of videogame, anime, and classic R&B, rock, and pop hits on his "XenoKeyz" YouTube channel.

His videogame scoring projects include the fantasy-filled metroidvania MONSTER SANCTUARY and the magic school role-playing game LAWMAGE ACADEMY. He recently contributed to Rooster Teeth's acclaimed animated series, RWBY, with additional music on RWBY VOLUME 8 and a remix on the RWBY VOLUME 7 soundtrack. Peter is currently working on high-profile videogame and animation projects.

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RWBY Volume 8 (2021) Additional Music
Lawmage Academy (TBA) Composer
Monster Sanctuary (2020) Composer
RWBY Volume 7 (2020) Arranger